Strong, Stable and Durable.

Whether indoors or out, Allegra Abbotsford can handle all your signage needs. We offer a wide range of media, mounting material and display solutions. Most of all, we have the knowledgeable and experienced staff ready to take the time to help you select the most suitable option to meet your specific requirements.   We employ some of the most advanced and greenest printing technologies available today to provide our clients with the best results.   With high resolution output devices we ensure that the graphics are produced with vibrant colours and vivid details. While we are capable of printing on paper, vinyl, fabric, canvas, backlit sign material, static cling and adhesive floor graphic material, we can handle almost any application our clients require.   Hesitate to choose a signage for your next upcoming outdoor event? Our laminating techniques provide an additional layer of protection from harmful UV rays, moisture, fading, fingerprints, scratching, dust and other external elements. It also enhances image colour and clarity. Laminating options include pressure sensitive and heat sensitive laminates of varying thicknesses in either gloss, satin or matte, as well as textured and dry-erase specialty laminates.   The most popular mounting media types include Foam board®, Gator board®, Sintra®, Coroplast™, Lexan® or MDF. We offer mounting and laminating materials up to 4 x 8 feet in size, and can also produce paneled sections to accommodate larger projects, and make it easy to produce vivid, colourful posters, prints and banners. With our in-house capabilities you can have your project completed quickly. Find out how easy it can be.   Call Allegra Abbotsford today.


Retractable Banner

Retractable Banner-

Also called pull-up banners. Retractable banner is weather-proof, lightweight, compact and portable and is one of our best options for all kinds of events. The banner stays attached to the retractable stand and is stored in the stand between uses. It’s a large scale banner that can draw a big crowd. For people who need to travel or attend trade shows and retail displays regularly, it’s quick and simple to set up, easily catch people’s attention, and easy to take down and keep safe during transit. 

Abbotsford Pull Up Retractable Banner Design Print
Fraser Valley Retractable Pull Up Banner Customized Print


  Width x Height
Size 33” x 77”
* For more sizes, please contact us

A-Frame/ Sandwich Board Sign

A-Frame Sign/ Sandwich Board Sign-

A-frame sign or sandwich board sign is a very simple but effective marketing machine that put your message in front of people who passed by every day to catch attention. The sign is light, portable and easy to update. While a lot of restaurants use this sign to update their daily special menu and put on sidewalk to attracts people, many real estates use it so they are able to move them from one property to another easily.

Abbotsford Sidewalk A Frame Sign Order Design Print
Fraser Valley Sandwich Board A Frame Sign Customized Design
  Width x Height Width x Height Width x Height
Size 18” x 24” 24”x 36” 36” x 48”
* size here refers to the size of the poster and not the whole sandwich board


Foam Board Sign & Corrugated Plastic Sign &

Sintra Board Sign & Aluminum Sign

Foam Board Sign-

Foam board sign provides you a professional looking print on a lightweight, durable and affordable material. The sign is print single-sided, and easy to install not only on the wall but also anywhere else indoor. One of the many common ways to use this sign is to show seasonal specials or greeting at the reception desk.

Corrugated Plastic Sign-

Also known as the brand name Coroplast or Corflute. Corrugated plastic sign is a lightweight and inexpensive way for both indoor and outdoor usage. The sign can be printed double-sided, with durable fade-resistant printing.

Sintra Board Sign-

Also Known as Sintra board PVC sign. Sintra board sign is a great option for low-cost permanent outdoor signage. While being one of the sturdiest materials, it can beautifully display colour and print out high-resolution photo nicely.

Aluminum Sign-

Aluminum sign is a strong, durable but lightweight sign. With vinyl print wrapping on the aluminum board, it is a great option for permanent outdoor signage.

Fraser Valley Aluminum Sign Design Print

Vinyl Banner with Grommets

Vinyl Banner with Grommets-

This is the simplest form of sign based advertising that can be executed in a few hours. Banners can be used to announce a new service, or a new restaurant opening, or even to announce an event. Often banners help your customers get a simple message at the right time and place. Probably they are a perfect choice for your advertising and marketing purposes. Various banner sizes can be customized. We provide you with the necessary grommets to ensure the installation is simple too. And by the way they can be reused if they are stored properly. Choose your message accordingly is what we advise our clients to ensure its reuse.

Fraser Valley Vinyl Sign Design Print with Grommet
Abbotsford Vinyl Sign Customized Design and Print with Grommets

Lawn Sign & Realtor Sign

Lawn Sign & Realtor Sign-

Green lawns are beautiful, but often a blind spot for business to set up a sign for marketing purpose. While being a open space with consistent in attractive vivid colour, this is where your sign can stand out and bring visibility to your brand. The idea here is not to communicate too many messages, but to ensure a single idea is prominently visible. In addition to business use, another common application for these signs that everyone in the Fraser Valley must have seen before is the sign for garage sale. While the size for the sign is all customizable base on your need, it is one of the most common types of sign for personal use.

Fraser Valley Lawn Sign Design Print High Quality Customized
Fraser Valley Lawn Real Estate Sign Order Design Print



Corrugated Plastic



Sintra Plastic


Foam Board


Aluminum Panel


Poster Paper


Scrim Banner




Acrylic Panel

*Custom Materials Available Upon Request. Contact us for details.