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We are your local printing resource with powerful bench strength.


Sharing your story and reaching the right audience can be a challenge for any business. Take into account all the new channels, technology and products available to marketers, and the task can seem Herculean. At Allegra, we understand.


Partner with us for access to the strategies, technologies and creative team you need to help you grow your company or organization. You’ll have a one-stop local resource for all your marketing and communications needs, backed by the accumulated experience of more than 300 sister companies and the thousands of marketing successes they’ve had with organizations like yours.


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To be a leading marketing resource, inspiring businesses and organizations to energize their brands through fresh thinking.


To bring value to the clients we serve in everything we do, led by the following principles:

Be a collaborative and trusted partner in advancing the business goals of our clients.

Leverage our North American resource network.

Stay at the leading-edge of technology.

Attract and retain top talent.

Maintain a strong commitment to our community.


Everth Vidal started his career in printing back in the 1980’s, while working for the Toronto Star newspaper company in Ontario as a press operator. In 1990 he accepted a new job in Vancouver, which brought him to Beautiful British Columbia. Not long after moving, a company closure lead to an opportunity for Everth to apply what he had learned and spend the next 25 years building  his own printing company. In December 1990, Speedy Printing opened their doors in Abbotsford, B.C. at the famous 5 corners on South Fraser Way. (now occupied by a Subway fast food restaurant)   In the early days of the company, there were only a few employees. Everyone was filled with high hopes and also faced with numerous challenges. With the help of Everth’s vision and hard work, the new business grew quickly into the success it is today. In 1995, the company outgrew their location and moved to Peardonville Road in Abbotsford. In collaboration with their parent franchisor they evolved into Allegra Print & Imaging, embracing a new brand and image for the company. Everth was inspired by the amount of possibilities and future growth of the company. When another opportunity arose in 2008, it was with great enthusiasm that the company moved to its current and most versatile location at 101-33425 Maclure Road in Abbotsford, B.C.   It gives us a great sense of satisfaction to be a part of the Abbotsford community. Our company was born here and grew up here. We love to see the reactions of our customers when we present them with high quality and impressive results.   Since first opening our doors, the printing industry has dramatically changed. While we still work our hardest to create beautifully done print pieces, our company maintains its fundamental value of focusing on the success of our customers. We want our customers to achieve business results that matter to them, while at the same time offering our printing solutions.   We are proud to deliver the best quality printing in Abbotsford, the Fraser Valley, and the Lower Mainland with a cost-effective attitude, fast turnaround times, and unmatched customer service. We continue to assess and access new technologies that help us to ensure Allegra Abbotsford is well positioned to lead the industry into the future. We are always thinking two steps ahead, but we will never forget our roots – the love for printing and the passion for craftsmanship.   Come and experience for yourself how Allegra Abbotsford can build relationships and design solutions.

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