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3 Quick Tips For Promoting Your Nonprofit Through Special Events

3 Quick Tips For Promoting Your Nonprofit Through Special Events

One of the primary ways of promoting your nonprofit is by sponsoring an event. With fundraising as a universal goal, it’s no surprise that nonprofit organizations hold more events than B2B and B2C companies combined.

According to 2015 research by the Content Marketing Institute and Blackbaud, 55% of North American nonprofits measured the success of their content marketing across channels by increased event attendance.

Nonprofits are leading the way in some major event trends, including a greater use of mobile and social media for pre-event marketing, recruitment and an overall improved event experience.

Looking to maximize your event ROI? Follow the trends with these three tips:

  1. Open new channels. In the nonprofit world, not every supporter can attend every event. For example, walkathons and runs typically rely on volunteers and participants to help recruit sponsors. Traditionally, supporters reached out to people face-to-face or by phone or email. Encourage your participants to use social media to drive engagement, too.
  2. Go mobile. Many nonprofits are enhancing online donation capabilities with mobile-friendly forms to simplify the process. Try offering an incentive for event attendees who make a donation “right now” from their mobile device.
  3. Scout out volunteers. Events create a pool teeming with potential volunteers. Keep the conversation going after your event through direct mail, email and social networks to ensure a steady stream of new recruits.


Want more ideas for promoting your nonprofit? Let us know. Allegra Abbotsford has helped many organizations just look yours to stretch small budgets into delivering big results.