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Direct Mail Design Best Practices That Make An Impact

Direct Mail Design Best Practices That Make An Impact

Getting your direct mail marketing into the hands of those most likely to buy is job one. And that’s all about your list. Bad data equals poor results. Have a quality list? Then it’s time to drill down to make a great offer with attention-getting creative execution. Both may require some testing to find what resonates best with your target.

Here are a few statistics to consider that may help to keep your eye on direct mail design best practices:

  • 85% will open mail if it looks interesting.
  • 66% keep mail they consider useful.
  • 43% have ordered a product online in reaction to direct mail.

Are your campaigns underperforming? Check out some great tips from Target Marketing magazine to correct common missteps and refocus on direct mail design best practices for better results.

For more support, contact your direct mail partners at Allegra Abbotsford for complete services from start to finish: mailing list research and management, graphic design and copywriting, printing and mailing.